PACA Calendar of Events

PACA Calendar of Events

Assata Shakur Study Group

Date: Feb 27, 2019 19:00:00 to 21:00
This event recurs
This event recurs monthly until 27 Feb 2029

Event Name: Assata Shakur Study Group

Event Location: Black Workers Center (2500 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave SE, DC)

Event Time: 7-9PM EST

Event Date: Wednesday

Event Coordinator / Host: PACA

Our topic and reading for this week is "Historical & Dialectical Materialism: The Science of Revolution" by Kevin "Rashid" Johnson who has been a political prisoner since 1990. This essay can be found by clicking here. "In 1990, Kevin “Rashid” Johnson was a drug dealer, an ambitious member of amerika’s Black lumpen proletariat, or underclass. Like so many, as a young adult he was arrested and received a lengthy prison sentence. He has been incarcerated ever since – for the past eighteen years in conditions of solitary confinement." (

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